Builder's Inspection

If you are building a new home, you should consider having your home inspected by a professional residential home inspector. Quite often problems and deficiencies in a new home will begin showing up in the first year of the home’s life. Having an inspection done a few weeks to a month before your move in date will give you time to notify the builder of items that are in need of repair. These repairs should all be made at the builders expense possibly saving you many times the cost of the inspection. If no problems are found you will have the peace of mind knowing your home is in great condition for years to come.

Your inspection will be accompanied by a complete and thorough written report with descriptions and digital pictures of deficiencies found in your home. The report can serve as documentation of the work that is required which should be covered by the builders Builder's.

Your new home is a large investment in your future. Proper care and maintenance is of great importance and will increase the life span of your home and it’s systems. Having your home inspected will increase the enjoyment of living in your new home, knowing that all systems are in good working condition.

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